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This two-sided business card was printed with silver metallic ink for a Houston designer. She loves the infinity sign and the number 8 so I created her logo with overlaying 8's.



I created this two-sided business card for a local restaurant and music venue. The client had an image that she really love. I scanned it, cleaned it up and retypeset the text. She needed a map drawn so customers can find the restaurant.




This business card was created to reflect this massage therapists studio which is peaceful, relaxing and therapuetic and filled with bamboo.



This foldover and perforated business card was created for this national beauty products company so that the client could take notes during the meeting and tear off the notes section for future reference.



This foldover business card opens up to reveal the services and contact informaton inside. I created this logo and business for a print broker. It folds so that the blue area with her name is visible.



This two-sided business card for a local reflexologist was designed with the pacific coast in mind. I designed the logo to reflect the waves and used the pantone colors she loves.